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Scot McKnight is an Anabaptist theologian and is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University. The author of more than ten books and numerous articles and chapters in multi-authored works, McKnight specializes in historical Jesus studies as well as the Gospels and the New Testament. As an authority in Jesus studies, McKnight has been frequently consulted by Fox News, WGN, US News & World Report, Newsweek, TIME, as well as newspapers throughout the United States.^[1]^ McKnight is also an advocate of the controversial New Perspective on Paul.


Additional background

Prior to joining the Faculty at North Park University (1994), McKnight was a professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He was awarded a PhD at the University of Nottingham, England where he studied under James Dunn. He obtained his Master's degree at Trinity and his bachelor's degree at Cornerstone University. ^[2]^

McKnight wrote a lengthy monograph for Baylor University Press called Jesus and His Death. His book, The Jesus Creed, won the _Christianity Today_ book award for 2004 in the area of Christian living.

Scot McKnight has taken a great interest in the Emerging church movement, becoming a proponent of it himself. He posts daily on his blog,, especially on Emerging church issues.


  • "I agree with the many who have commented that the Table is not designed for the pure, the righteous, or the perfect, but for the impure, for the unrighteous, and for the imperfect. I see no difference: if anyone is seeking God's grace and God's blessing through Jesus Christ, they should be welcomed to the Table of the Lord. The Table is for cracked Eikons, and only for cracked Eikons. The one thing clear from Jesus' table fellowship is that his opponents wanted purity before fellowship, and Jesus created purity out of fellowship with him." ^[3]^



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