Thomas F. Torrance

Thomas F. Torrance (1913 - Dec 2, 2007) was a 20th century Protestant Christian theologianwho served for 27 years as Professor of Christian Dogmatics at New College, Edinburgh in the University of Edinburgh. Besides writing many books and articles, Torrance also translated several hundred theological writings into English from other languages, including the thirteen-volume, six-million-word _Church Dogmatics_of the Swiss theologian Karl Barth(co-edited with G.W. Bromiley). Torrance is considered by some to be one of the most important Reformed theologians of his era.

Born in 1913 to missionary parents in China, Torrance studied Classics as an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh. He completed his doctorate in 1946 under the supervision of Karl Barthat the University of Basel.


Theological distinctives

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Select publications

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