Parable of the ten virgins


Matthew 25:1-13

Marriage custom

"Marriage custom of that day was as follows: The Groom would prepare a place for his bride. It might be his own house or a place at his father’s house. Then he would go to her father’s house to get her. There might be a small party at her house, so there was a small delay. Then the Bride and Groom would return to his father’s house for the marriage feast or banquet (which usually lasted for seven days). The ten young ladies would be somewhere along the route between the bride’s house and the groom’s house. They are waiting for the bride and groom to return and they hope to join the procession and enter with them into the party. If they are with the crowd, they will be able to slip right in. If they aren’t with the procession, then the door keepers will turn them away because they don’t know them. They don’t have an invitation." [1]