The Gospel According to John (film)

The Gospel According to John is a vision of Marchiano Ministries to produce a word-for-word adaptation of the NIV Book of John. Bruce Marchiano played the part of Jesus in The Visual Bible: Matthew and had a cameo in The Visual Bible: Acts. Financial hurdles for all of these films, including Visual Bible International's _The Gospel of John) and The Gospel of Mark)_, have hindered production schedules and challenged the future of these projects, particularly VBI's vision to make the whole Bible available in film.^ [1]^

A partner of Marchiano Ministries has posted the following on the official blog:^[2]^

The JOHN gospel being produced by MarchMin is not related to the former companies or their versions/series and is a new birthing all of it's own. So as to the former, they are what they are; and as to the new, it is what it is - which is different! ;) I think in this world there is plenty of room for more of the presence of God, and for more of Gods Word being put out there and come to life on screen in a biblical manner no matter how many former versions there may be! The Lord put it on Bruce Marchiano's heart to do JOHN in the way that he is doing it; MarchMin is being faithful and obedient in it, and He will make and is making a way for this awesome new film.

A fund drive is currently in progress for the film. Marchiano Ministries is asking for tax deductable donations on their website.


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