The Bible League of Canada

The Bible League of Canada, founded in 1948, is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide Bibles, and community training worldwide through various community development programs including church planter training, adult literacy programs, children's ministries, scripture placement, and discipleship resources. The organization seeks to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ to people around the world. The organization’s total revenue for fiscal year 2009 was $8.57 million^ [1]^. Of this amount, 50.26% ($4.3 million) is provided by BFM Thrift Stores.



In 1948, The Bible League of Canada began as the Canadian affiliate of the American Home Bible League. Throughout the 1950s, the affiliate organization distributed Bibles door-to-door through local churches and various outreach ministries, although the organization was suffering financially. The organization's financial situation began to change in 1959 when Jo Vander Boom was appointed to manage the organization's activities. In 1960, Jo's husband, John Vander Boom, was appointed as the first Canadian directory and officially changed the name of the organization to the Canadian Home Bible League in 1962^[2]^. In 1971, the organization was incorporated and became a legal entity separate from the American Home Bible League. The same year, an office in Weston, Ontario became the first purchased property, and an appeal for Cuba became the organization's first international project. Vander Boom formed a group of prominent evangelical church leaders who lent their endorsements to the ministry of the Canadian Home Bible League. This action started the attainment of interdenominational support which continues to influence The Bible League of Canada today. On December 11, 1984 the name of the organization was changed to the World Home Bible League of Canada, reflecting the organization's increasing commitment to international ministry. The present name, The Bible League of Canada, became official in 1992. In 1994, offices were moved to the present location in Burlington, Ontario. In 2007, the organization began operating its own international ministries apart from the U.S. Bible League operations.


The Bible League of Canada’s revenue comes from individual donors, churches, corporations, foundations, and BFM Thrift Stores. In 2009, 5.11% of its funding was spent on administration and 3.88% was spent on fund-raising.^[3]^


The Bible League of Canada provides Bibles and community training worldwide by partnering with churches and mission organizations in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America, and Canada. The focus of the ministry involves five main access platforms:

The Bible League of Canada is changing its emphasis from distributing Bibles to sharing the bible's message through new ministry activities including alternative basic education, values education, adult literacy, and after school children's clubs, as well as partnering with other related organizations.^ [4]^


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