The Baker History of the Church book series

The Baker History of the Church is a projected eight-volume series published by Baker Books and edited by Tim Dowley. ^[1]^ The series covers various periods of church history. Each volume covers historical events, figures, and theology. Maps and illustrations are provided along with time lines and suggestions for further reading.

Unfortunately, the remainder of the series has been discontinued.


  • Ivor J. Davidson, The Birth of the Church: From Jesus to Constantine, AD 30-312, vol 1, 2004.
  • Ivor J. Davidson, A Public Faith: From Constantine to the Medieval World, AD 312-600, vol 2, 2005.
  • Rudolph W. Heinze, Reform and Conflict: From the Medieval World to the Wars of Religion, AD 1350-1648, vol 4, 2005.
  • Meic Pearse, The Age of Reason: From the Wars of Religion to the French Revolution, AD 1570-1789, vol 5, 2006.


  1. ? The consulting editors are John D. Woodbridge and David F. Wright.

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