Terry Virgo

Terry Virgo is the founder and leader of a charismatic church movement called Newfrontiers. Based in Brighton UK, the organization describes itself as a worldwide family of churches together on a mission. The group is currently approaching 500 churches worldwide which represents extensive growth since it began in the 1960s.

Virgo is well known for his teaching on grace, and has been described as a "Reformed Charismatic". He is a complementarian, believes in believers baptism, as well as believing in the occurrence of subsequent experiences of the Holy Spirit.


"Anyone in newfrontiers would know how much we treasure these doctrines. I am not sure that someone would feel they couldn't join us if they were not reformed. We have never said you have to be reformed to belong. But it is widely known and understood outside our circles that we are reformed and charismatic. That's how people see us. I have often said that I don't know how people who don't fully believe in the sovereignty of God can sleep peacefully at night . . .

The Bible is full of language about fathers, sons, brothers, named people. Even when Paul writes to the Romans he mentions people who are dear friends, who are co-laborers. The atmosphere is like a family. The whole structure is relational. The essential Apostolic doctrine is followed by a lifestyle which is very transparent, full of tenderness, mercy, forgiveness and affection. Its about building churches that are flooded with the Holy Spirit's presence and genuine integrity of relationship. Into those churches the truth is taught and from them the truth is proclaimed to the world." ( Terry Virgo on the distinctives of Newfrontiers)

"Today, many Christians still live secular lives, attend church but have a privatized religion and a 'personal savior' instead of being captivated by the fact that we are God's people and are therefore at the centre of world history . . .

What thrills me is a local church full of individuals celebrating the triumph of grace, knowing what it is to be a son of God, full of the Holy Spirit, enjoying personal fellowship with God in an intimate way and also reveling in a huge picture of our world mission to glorify Jesus among the nations, and the vast place of the Church in world history. That vision is both intimately personal and massively broad -- both things thrill me." ( Terry Virgo Interview