Steve Chalke

Steve Chalke is a UK Christian leader. He is one of the most influential leaders in the British Evangelical movement. Chalke is on the leadership team of the UKs biggest Christian conference Spring Harvest. He is best known for his work with Oasis Trust which is a social action charity. Chalke serves on the boards of many Christian organisations and is a regular feature on British televison.

Thus, controversy erupted in 2004 when it became clear that Chalke had denied the doctrine of Penal Substitution (PSA) in his book The Lost Message of Jesus. A section in this book has been called blasphemous by John Piper. The Evangelical Alliance censored Chalke but did not expel him, and he continues to be a speaker for Spring Harvest. When Spring Harvest and Word Alive separated in 2007 the controversy over Chalke was once again fanned into flame as the book Pierced for Our Transgressions had also been recently written. NT Wright has strongly supported Chalke and claims that he does after all believe in PSA despite an article by Chalke which denies this categorically.

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