Stephen Charnock

Stephen Charnock Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), was a Puritan theologian and author, perhaps best known for his work The Existence and Attributes of God, which was first published posthumously by Richard Adams and Edward Veal in 1682.


The events of Charnock's life are somewhat vague and have been assembled from his writings and from various accounts of those who knew him. Born in the St. Katharine Cree parish of London, he studied at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, and was converted to the Christian faith. After leaving the college, he held a position possibly as a private teacher or tutor, then for a short time as a minister of the faith in Southwark, winning others to the faith. He then spent some time in Oxford at New College, where he gained a position as senior proctor, after distinguishing himself there by his learning and his labors.

Charnock has been described as "a grave and impressive preacher and a man of fervent piety" [1], but is best known for his writings, which are "distinguished for sound theology, profound thinking, and lively imagination" [2]. Nearly all of the numerous writings attributed to him were transcribed after his death.


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