R A Torrey

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928), American evangelist, pastor, educator, and writer. He graduated from Yale University in 1875 and Yale divinity School in 1878, following which, Torrey became a Congregational minister in Garrettsville, Ohio.^ [1]^

After further studies of theology at Leipzig University and Erlangen University in 1882-1883, Torrey joined Dwight L. Moody in his evangelistic work in Chicago in 1889, and became superintendent of the Bible Institute of the Chicago Evangelization Society (now Moody Bible Institute). Five years later, he became pastor of the Chicago Avenue Church (now The Moody Church) in 1894.

In 1902–1903, he preached in nearly every part of the English-speaking world, and with song leader Charles Alexander, conducted revival services in Great Britain in 1903–1905. During this period, he also visited China, Japan, Australia, and India. Torrey conducted a similar campaign in American and Canadian cities in 1906–1907. Throughout these campaigns, Torrey utilized a meeting style that he borrowed from Moody's campaigns of the 1870s.

In 1912, he served as Dean of Bible Institute of Los Angeles (now Biola University) and in 1915, pastor of the Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles.



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