Pseudepigrapha (from the Greek: pseud?s, "false" and epigraph?, "inscription")

The following documents are referred to as "pseudepigrapha."

  • The Books of Adam and Eve -- translation of the Latin version
  • Life of Adam and Eve -- translation of the Slavonic version
  • Life of Adam and Eve -- translation of the Greek version (a.ka. The Apocalypse of Moses)
  • The Apocalypse of Adam
  • The Book of Adam
  • The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
  • 1 Enoch (Ethiopic Apocalypse of Enoch)
  • 1 Enoch Composit (inc. Charles, Lawrence & others)
  • 2 Enoch (Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch)
  • Enoch (another version)
  • Melchizedek
  • The Book of Abraham
  • The Testament of Abraham
  • The Apocalypse of AbrahamNEW July 18, 2004
  • Joseph and Aseneth
  • Selections from The Book of Moses
  • Revelation of Moses
  • The Assumption of Moses (aka: The Testament of Moses)
  • The Martyrdom of Isaiah
  • The Ascension of Isaiah
  • The Revelation of Esdras
  • The Book of Jubilees
  • Tales of the Patriarchs
  • The Letter of Aristeas
  • The Book of the Apocalypse of Baruch (aka: 2 Baruch)
  • The Greek Apocalypse of Baruch (aka: 3 Baruch)
  • Fragments of a Zadokite work (aka: The Damascus Document)