Protestant Reformed Church

The Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRC) is a denomination of approximately 28 churches and over 7,000 members. They believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and use only the King James Version in their churches. The PRC holds to the doctrine summarized in the following Reformed confessions: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dort. These creeds are commonly referred to as the Three Forms of Unity.

The PRC has member churches throughout the United States and Canada. A majority of the churches are located in western Michigan but there are also churches located in New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, California and Washington. The Canadian churches are located in Alberta and Ontario.

History and Theology

The Protestant Reformed Churches in America was founded in 1924 as a result of a controversy regarding common grace in the Christian Reformed Church. Led by Herman Hoeksema, a group rejected the CRC teaching on common grace as a slippery-slope to Arminianism, if not an actual variant of that theology. This group was deposed by the CRC and thus formed the Protestant Reformed Churches in America. The PRC is characterized by Supralapsarian Calvinism and has been accused by its critics of being Hyper-Calvinistic.

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