Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey is the author of more than a dozen books and hundreds of columns and is an editor-at-large for Christianity Today. He earned graduate degrees in Communications and English from Wheaton College and the University of Chicago, and worked as an editor of Campus Life Magazine for eight years before turning his concentration to freelance writing for the last 30 years.

In recent years, Yancey has been criticized as condoning or even promoting a number of unorthodox beliefs and practices, including open theism, mysticism, and even homosexuality [1].


  • Where Is God When It Hurts? (1981)
  • Disappointment With God (1988)
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (1987) ISBN 031035451X
  • In His Image (1987) ISBN 031035501X
  • I Was Just Wondering (1989)
  • Praying with the KGB (1992)
  • The Jesus I Never Knew (1995) ISBN 0310385709
  • What's So Amazing About Grace? (1997) ISBN 0310213274
  • The Gift of Pain (1997)
  • The Bible Jesus Read (1999)
  • Reaching for the Invisible God (2000)
  • Church: Why Bother? (2001)
  • Rumors of a Another World (2003) ISBN 0310252172
  • Soul Survivor (2003) ISBN 0385502753
  • In the Likeness of God (2004) ISBN 0310257425
  • Finding God in Unexpected Places (2005) ISBN 0385513097
  • When We Hurt: Prayer, Preparation & Hope For Life's Pain (2006) ISBN 0310810582
  • Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference (2006) ISBN 0310271053

Online works

  • Global Suspense
    • The trick of faith is to believe in advance what will only make sense in reverse.