Peter Martyr

Peter Martyr (1206 - April 6, 1252), also known as Peter of Verona, was a 13th century Dominican friar. He is sometimes confused with Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562), a theologian of the Reformation period.

The son of Cathari, Peter is said to have maintained his orthodoxy and at the age of fifteen, met Saint Dominic at the University of Bologna. Peter joined the Dominicans and became a celebrated preacher throughout northern and central Italy. In 1252, he was appointed as an inquisitor, though he had been fighting against heretics since the 1230's. Many miracles are attributed to him by the Roman Catholic church. He was canonized on March 9, 1253 by Pope Innocent IV only 337 days after his death, making him the fastest papally canonized saint in history.

He was murdered on the road between Como and Milan by Cathari. Carino cut his head with an axe, and then gave Peter's companion Dominic several fatal wounds. His murderer, Carino, eventually became a Dominican at Forli and is the subject of a local cult as "Blessed Carino of Balsamo".