Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft is a professor of philosophy at Boston College, and a Catholic Apologist. He has written various books on apologetics, logic, philosophy, and theology. He draws inspiration from great minds like Socrates, St. Thomas Aquinas, and C.S. Lewis.


  • A.B. Calvin College (1959)
  • M.A. Fordham University (1961)
  • Ph.D. Fordham (1965)
  • Yale University - Post Graduate Study


\1. C.S. Lewis: A Critical Essay (Christendom College Press ‘88; Eerdmans ‘69) Short, 50 p. introduction

\2. Love is Stronger than Death (Ignatius ‘87; Harper ‘79) Death as enemy, stranger, Mend, mother, lover

\3. Heaven, the Heart’s Dearest Longing (Ignatius ‘89, Harper ‘80) Explores what CSI called “irony”

\4. Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven (Ignatius ‘89; Harper ‘82) What’s in Heaven?

\5. Between Heaven and Hell (InterVarsity ‘81) CSL, JFK, & Aldous Huxley alter death argue about’ Jesus

\6. The Unaborted Socrates (InterVarsity ‘82) Socrates argues vs. prochoice doctor, lawyer, & psychologist

\7. The Best Things in Life (InterVarsity ‘83) Socrates, on campus, argues the meaning of life wi students

\8. Philosophical QuestIons (wI It Purtill & G. MaDona1d, Prentice-Hall ‘84) Intro philosophy ‘anthology

\9. Yes or No? Straight Answers to Tough Questions about Christianity (!gnatius’91; Servant ‘84) Dialogs

\10. Prayer: the Great Conversation (Ignatius ‘92; Servant ‘85) Dialogs on prayer & sanctity for beginners

\11. Back to Virtue (Ignatius ‘92; Nelson ‘86 as For Heaven’s Sakel Virtues & vices, natural & supernatural

\12. Making Sense out of Suffering (Servant ‘6) Clues front myth, philosophy, art, literature, & scripture

\13. Socrates Meets Jesus (InterVarsity ‘87) Conversion of Socrates as a student at Harvard Divinity School

\14. A Turn of the Clock (Ignatius‘87) short book of short proverbs for wise people in unwise worlds

\15. The God Who Loves You (Servant ‘88) How God’s love explains everything in theology & scripture

\16. Fundamentals of the Faith (Ignatius‘88) Introductory essays In traditional Catholic apologetics

\17. Advent: Meditations for the Season (Twin Circle ‘88)

\18. Two Arguments from the Heart for Immortality (Eerdmans ‘89; Stob Lectures) From CSL & Ci. Marcel

\19. Letters to Jesus: Answered (Ignatius‘89) Jesus’ sayings in Matthew as answers to modem questions

\20. Three Philosophies of Life (Ignatius‘89) Ecclesiastes (vanity), (suffering), Song of Songs (love)

\21. Does God Exist? (Nelson, ‘90) introduction & conclusion to debate by J.P. Moreland & KM Nielson

\22. Making Choices (Servant ‘90) Seeing clear and detailed goods and evils in a world of moral confusion

\23. You Can Understand the Old Testament (Servant ‘90) Book-by-book introduction for beginners

\24. Reading and Praying the New Testament (Servant ‘91) Ditto; expanded treatment.of & Revelation

\25. Summa of the Sumni (Ignatius ‘91) Best intro, to Aquinas’ philosophy: his jgg edited & footnoted

\26. A Shorter Summa (Ignatius 93) 350 page book (above, #25) cut to 100 pages, for beginning students

\27. Christianity for Modern Pagans (Ignatius ‘93) Pascal’s Pensees edited, outlined, explained,. & applied

\28. The Snakebite Letters (Ignatius ‘93) Application of CSL’s Screwtape genre to modern Catholic issues

\29. Handbook of Christian Apologetics (InterVarsity ‘93) wI B. Tacefli; all the basic arguments outined

\30. Your Oucstions. God’s Answers (Ignatius ‘94) Scripture’s answers to modern young people’s questions

\31. Shadowlands of C.S. Lewis (Ignatius ‘94) EdIted exerpiS froniCSL on 5 ba1c themes in the movie

\32. Women and the Priesthood (Franciscan U. Press, ‘94) w/ Alice vónHlldebrand explaining jy thC ‘no’

\33. The Angel and the Ant (Servant, ‘94) Collection of varied short topical essays in Christian living

\34. C.S. Lewis for the Third Millennium (Ignathis ‘94) Is The Abolition of Man a prophecy of our future?

\35. Angels and Demons (Ignatius ‘95) 101 common c4uestions answerd by scripture, tradition & Aquinas

\36. Ecumenical Jihad (Ignatius ‘95) Call for radically new interfaith cooperation. “the culture of death”

\37. The Journey (InterVarsity ‘96) Socrates teaches 10 basic philosophy & theology lessons, in dialog

\38. A Refutation of Moral Relativism (Ignatius ‘9.9) Eleven Interviews with a moral absolutist

\39. Prayer for Beginners (Ignatius ‘00) Elementary, practical advice . ‘

\40. Catholic Christianity (Ignatius ‘01) the new Catechism of the Catholic Church for busy people; 30 10-page }(nights of Columbus pamphlets collected into one book, covering all of Catholicism

\41. Socratic Logic (St. Augustine’s Press, ‘01) practical Aristotelian logic text for do-it yourselfers

\42. How To Win The Culture War (Inter Varsity, ‘01) guide points for spiritual warfare today

\43. Three Approaches to Abortion (Ignatius '02)

\44. Philosophy 101 by Socrates (introduction to philosophy via the Apology)

\45. Socrates Meets Machiavelli (cross-examination of The Prince)

\46. Socrates Meets Marx (cross-examination of The Communist Manifesto)

\47. Socrates Meets Sartre (cross-examination of Existentialism and Human Emotions)