New Wineskins Association of Churches

The New Wineskins Association of Churches is comprised of over 120 evangelical churches, currently within the Presbyterian Church (USA). This network of churches was formed as a result of growing discontent among evangelical church pastors, elders, and members regarding the general direction of the PCUSA.

At this point the NWAC is not yet a seperate denomination, but speculation among experts suggests that the NWAC may soon consider departing from the PCUSA for several reasons including but not limited to: 1) general discontent with the PCUSA's desire to stray away from a biblical stance on issues such as homosexuality and abortion 2) growing dissatisfaction with the PCUSA's apparent inability and/or desire to inforce its own constitution and 3) the recent reception of documents such as the PUP (Peace, Unity, and Purity) Report at the 2006 General Assembly which created a constitutional loop-hole for homosexuals to become ordained by a sort of "local opion" which allows them to declare a scruple against the stated constitution. Another recent document that was received by the General Assembly was the "Trinity Report" which suggested that the terms "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" may be outmoded. The NWAC considers both of these documents to be in error is at least several places.

Such declarations which trend towards a departure from the PCUSA's historic grounding in biblical theolgy and its own reformed confessions has undoubtedly prompted many evangelical churches to align with a new vision for what it means to be a reformed, evangelical presbyterian in the 21st century. The New Wineskins Association of Churches has already crafted a constitution that emphasises local church ministy as opposed to denominational heirarchy, and consists of specific theological essentials of the reformed faith as well as ethical imperatives. The NWAC will be holding its third convocation in February of 2007 and there will consider its future relationship with its parent denomination the PCUSA.