Missional living

"Missional living" is a contemporary term which is founded in the philosophy of applying missionary practices, thinking, and actions to any and all aspects of ministry. Recently popularized by emerging church leaders and new movements, the focus and center-point for missional living is adapting the professional and vocational view of missionaries to everyday life. MIssions and being "missional" is then a way of living, operating, thinking and ministering.

The main Wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missional_living

The main points and elements of missional living are

\1. Sent 2. Cross 3. Community 4. Culture 5. King and Kingdom

Also of note is the adapting of missional living into the realm of the church world. More than individual persons or particular theologies for the individual, the church as the body of Christ exists to live out the mission and mandate of Christ himself.