Margaret Feinberg

Christian author & speaker Margaret Feinberg is an American author and public speaker based out of Morrison, Colorado. Her books weave Christian spirituality with the practical using real life stories to connect with her audience regardless of age.


Margaret Feinberg started her writing career in the 4th grade when she self published a 112 page book for a writing assignment. After pursing different opportunities in high school (in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and college (Wake Forest University) she worked at a magazine in Lake Mary, Florida on a summer internship. While there she realized that she loved to write but didn’t like life in a cubicle. After the internship was over she wrote a number of publications asking to write the book and music reviews in the back of their magazine and provided samples of her writing from the internship. Over time Feinberg worked her way up from reviews to news stories, to feature stories and eventually cover stories. In 2002, Relevant Books published her first solo book, God Whispers, about prayer. Over the course of the last five years Feinberg has lead the way in writing for and about twentysomething Christians in America, while also writing books on marriage, being wise with money, numerous Bible studies along with gift books featuring Norman Rockwall artwork. Recognized in 2004 as an ECPA Gold Medallion Award finalist 1, receiving a coveted Starred Review by Publishers Weekly 2 for the Organic God and as a gifted storyteller and spiritual teacher 3 Margaret Feinberg has been named by Charisma magazine as “one of the ‘30 Emerging Voices’ of Christian leaders under 40 who will help lead the church in the next decade” 4.

Published Works

The Organic God, 2007 (Zondervan)
Overcoming Fear, 2007 (Thomas Nelson)
What the Heck Am I Going to Do With My Life?: Find your place in this world, 2006 (Tyndale)
Twenty Things You Should Read, 2006 (Tyndale House)
Redefining Life: My Relationships, 2006 (Th1nk Books)
Redefining Life: For Women, 2006 (Th1nk Books)
Everything Twentys, 2006 (Tyndale House)
Five-Star Living on a Two-Star Budget: Living Big on Only a Little, 2006 (Harvest House)
Just Married: What Might Surprise You About the First Few Years, 2005 (Harvest House)
Redefining Life: My Identity, 2005 (Th1nk Books)
Redefining Life: My Purpose, 2005 (Th1nk Books)
Revolve 2: The Complete New Testament, 2005 (Thomas Nelson)
Simple Prayers of Hope: Stories to Touch Your Heart and Feed Your Soul, 2005 (Harvest House)
How to Be a Grown-Up, 2005 (Thomas Nelson) co-authored with Leif Oines
twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World, 2004 (W Publishing)
Simple Acts of Friendship: Heartwarming Stories of One Friend Blessing Another, 2004 (Harvest House)
Cheap Ways To…, 2003 (Relevant Books)
Simple Acts of Faith: Heartwarming Stories of One Life Touching Another, 2003 (Harvest House)
God Whispers: Learning to Hear His Voice, 2002 (Relevant Books)
Enjoying God: Experiencing Intimacy With the Heavenly Father, 2001 (Relevant Books) co-authored with S.J. Hill




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