Manoah is the Father of Samson. Little is known about him except that from the record in Judges 13, which states that he was of the tribe of Dan and was a good Hebrew who desired a son and heir. The appeal of his wife was answered by a visiting angel whose promise of a son was confirmed by a miracle during a sacrifice. He was a trustworthy parent, rearing Samson according to instructions. But he failed as a father so to indoctrinate his son as to make the idea of marrying a heathen woman abhorrent.

Manoah was one of the few people to interact with the enigmatic Angel of the Lord. Manoah famously asks the Angel of the Lord what his name is. The Angel of the Lord declines his request and tells him that his name is Wonderful (Judges 13:17-18). Later Manoah claims that he has seen God in reference to the Angel of the LORD (Judges 13:22).