Louisiana Baptist University

Louisiana Baptist University (LBU) is a conservative Christian University and Seminary located in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was originally founded in 1973 as Baptist Christian University under the auspices of Baptist Tabernacle in Shreveport, LA. Since its establishment it has graduated over 1,100 graduate and undergraduate students through on campus and distance learning programs.


Louisiana Baptist University was originally founded in 1973 as Christian Baptist University under the direction of Baptist Tabernacle in Shreveport, LA. Christian educators and church leaders decided that there was a great need to form an institution in Louisiana to train Christian leaders in the orthodox traditions of conservative Judeo-Christian education. LBU claims to be one of the pioneers of distance education and external degree programs and that many of the nations leading pastors hold degrees from the University.

Since 1973 it has expanded its academic programs to include Christian Communications, Christian Counseling, and Christian Education.

In 1993 the name of the University was changed to Louisiana Baptist University to accomodate the revised charter and the expanding programs. As part of its significant growth and development, the University has instituted a Seminary Division. [1]

Facts about LBU

  • Established: 1973
  • President: Dr. Neal Weaver
  • Faculty: 44
  • Students: 1,100 undergraduate and graduate
  • Location: Shreveport, Louisiana


Louisiana Baptist University is not accredited by any accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Government, this is due mainly to the fact that LBU chooses not to seek accreditation. LBU is one of six approved colleges and universites of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International and those who graduate with a concentration in missions can be approved as a missionary for the fellowship. [2] LBU also has the approval of the Association of Christian Colleges and Theological Schools (ACCTS) which is a Christian agency involved in approving Christian schools. Though LBU is not regionally or nationally accredited it is however, well known throughout the Christian academic and theological community. Some of the keynote speakers at LBU commencement ceremonies have been well known Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell of Liberty University and Dr. Paige Patterson of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. LBU claims that in some cases Liberty University accepts transferred credits or degrees from LBU as well as other well known seminaries. This is not unusual considering the fact that credits and degrees of other institutions like Bob Jones University (unaccredited until 2005) have been widely accepted by accredited schools of higher learning.


  • Carl Baugh - Th.D (2005) Creationist, Author and President of Pacific International University. Creation Evidence Museum
  • Bob Cornuke - Ph.D (2005) Author and Director of the BASE Institute.
  • Jack Eggar - M.A. and Ph.D (2006) Missionary, Pastor and President of Awana Clubs International
  • Bill Gothard - Ph.D (2004) Conference speaker and President of Institute in Basic Life Principles.
  • Grant Jeffrey - M.A. and Ph.D - Author, Speaker, and Bible Teacher. [3]
  • Thomas Ice - Ph.D - Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center in Washington D.C.
  • Otis Ledbetter - Ph.D. - President of Clovis Christian Schools and chairman of the board of Heritage Builders, a Focus on the Family organization.
  • Chuck Missler - Ph.D (1999) Author, Speaker and President of Koinonia House.
  • Rick Scarborough - D.Min - Author and Founder of Vision America.
  • Bill Robertson - Ph.D - President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention (SBC).

Honorary doctorates

  • John Ashcroft - 79th Attorney General of the United States of America.
  • Jerry Falwell - Founder and Chancellor of Liberty University.
  • Paige Patterson - Author and President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and two time former President of the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Charles Pack - Conference Director and President of Thy Kingdom Come,Inc.