LFoday Farrar Armani

Bishop Farrar-Amani is an anointed missionary, teacher and preacher with an unquenchable yearning to reach every unreached, hurting and downtrodden individual who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. His passion and commitment to share in the fulfillment of the Great Commission with the leading of the Holy Spirit has led him to yield to a global mission and advance the work of the Kingdom of God by equipping, empowering and discipling leaders to go forth and disciple others. He is a leader among men serving them as Jesus served His disciples walking humbly and with integrity lifting up the name of Jesus. His call to ministry came in his youth with his understanding and acceptance of the call occurring during his teen years. Bishop Farrar-Amani has been a faithful carrier of the gospel of Jesus Christ for more than forty-six years.

This man of God has given his best to the Master and those under his care as pastor of Wake Chapel, Wake County, NC; Friendship Chapel Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC; Wake Baptist Grove Church, Garner, NC and now Solid Rock Ministry, International (one church – two locations) in Garner and Raleigh, NC. These pastorates represent his years of preparation and enduring for the birthing of a multicultural inreach and outreach ministry that heals, delivers, equips and sends disciples to reach the world for Jesus Christ since 1992 through his current ministry. As pastor of Solid Rock Ministry, International, the inreach ministry, his teaching, preaching and leadership have drawn many within Wake County to join, become nurtured as they study for preparation to go forth in the local community and mission fields of the world, seeking to bring others into the fold. His is a family of servant leaders and among them, he is greatly loved. His are children taught of the Lord and great is their peace.

His call to missions has enabled him to equip pastors and leaders throughout the United States, South America, Russia, Philippines and Africa. He serves with the following mission agencies Christians in Action, COMMINAD, SHALOM Ministries, HISNET, REACH INTL and others who are laboring to reach the world. He served as General Overseer of Foreign Missions for Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International from 1995 to 2000 and was consecrated Bishop of Foreign Affairs in October 2000.

Through Bishop Farrar-Amani's leadership, thousands have accepted Jesus Christ, over 100 churches have been planted and sustained, leadership conferences for Pastors and Leaders have been conducted in Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, South America, South Africa and Namibia with the goal to reach 200 million people for Jesus Christ. His extensive travels have also availed him to serve and initiate church growth and church planting strategies throughout various unreached people groups of Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kiev Ukraine, Philippines, India, Togo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He and his wife Kay have three children and seven grandchildren. Bishop Farrar has a Bachelor of Science from Saint Augustine College, Masters of Public Administration from Georgia State University, Masters of Divinity from Southeastern Theological Seminary and currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry degree at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. This servant is indeed one who has studied to show himself approved.