L'Abri (from the French word meaning shelter) is an organization which operates evangelical Christian study centers in 7 countries and resource centers in 2 others. It was founded in 1955 by Francis Schaeffer and his wife Edith when they opened their alpine home in Switzerland as a ministry to curious travelers and as a forum to discuss philosophical and religious beliefs.

A L'Abri centre incorporates elements of a seminary (referring to its visitors as students, but with no fixed "classes" or courses), a commune (requiring students to help with cooking meals, cleaning, and maintenance), and a "retreat" (lasting from one day to a whole "term", usually 2-3 months). While at L'Abri, students meet regularly with a member of staff to discuss issues, are recommended resources from a library of books and recordings, and are encouraged to pursue interests in art, music and literature.

Published current and former L'Abri staff include Francis and Edith Schaeffer, Greg Laughery, Jerram Barrs, Wade Bradshaw, Os Guinness, Dick and Mardi Keyes, Ranald Macaulay, Hans Rookmaaker and Richard Winter.