Kerney Thomas

Kerney Thomas' prayer ministry Kerney Thomas (b. Jan 19, 1956) is a Pentecostal Televangelist who also hosts a radio show in Houston, TX. Thomas "claims to be a member of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), the largest African American pentecostal group in America, and serves as the first administrative assistant under the leadership of Bobby R. Henderson." ^[1]^ His theology and practices have been questioned by many and remain biblically suspect.

False teachings

Thomas teaches that through the use of a "prayer handkerchief" and "olive oil soap" a person can be guaranteed a way to make a miracle manifest in someone's life. Furthermore, bathing in the "olive oil soap" can cure people of AIDS, cancer, and common aches and pains. ^ [2]^ Thomas believes he is a prophet similar to Old Testament prophets and thus advises people to come to him first before they speak with their pastor about an issue. ^[3]^ He also asserts that his viewers should send money to him and his ministry in exchange for miracles, and that the greater the amount the greater the blessing. ^ [4]^


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