Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification is a document created and agreed upon by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) and the Lutheran World Federation.

The Lutheran World Federation submitted the draft to 124 Lutheran member churches and obtained responses from eighty–nine—eighty favorable, five opposed, and four mixed. In the light of the official reactions and private theological critiques, the text was revised to produce the final version of 1997. On June 16, 1998 the governing council of the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva, Switzerland, unanimously approved the Joint Declaration.^ [1]^ The RCC Council for Promoting Christian Unity later responded with criticisms on June 25, 1998. ^[2]^ Prior to this statement, Lutherans and Roman Catholics interacted and in 1983 agreed to what was known as the Common Statement. ^[3]^

The World Methodist Council accepted the statement on July 23, 2006. ^[4]^


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