James H Brookes

James H. Brookes, D. D. (1830-1897) was pastor of Walnut Street Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. The Brookes Bible Institute of St. Louis was named in his honor.^[1]^ Dr. Brookes was a prolific writer, having authored more than 200 booklets and tracts. He was a well-known Bible teacher and the editor of The Truth, a periodical, which served, along with another journal, as the official organ of the premillennial movement until his death in 1897. Brookes, a dispensationalist, was also a key leader in the famous Niagara Bible Conference. Beginning in 1875, he was sought out as the keynote speaker and for many years served as its president. One of his very influential students was C. I. Scofield, editor of the popular Scofield Reference Bible (1909).

Brookes graduated from Miami University, Ohio in 1853 and then attended Princeton Seminary for a year. He was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Miami, Ohio in 1854.^[2]^

Selected writings

  • God spake all these words, Buschart Bros (1895) ASIN: B00088KGTO
  • How to be saved: Or, the sinner directed to the Saviour, Baker Book House (1967) ASIN: B0007HRSEM
  • The mystery of suffering, Revell (1890) ASIN: B00085IO8W
  • Chaff and wheat: A defense of verbal inspiration, Revell (1891) ASIN: B0008BXZ7Q
  • Israel and the church: The terms distinguished as found in the Word of God, Bible Institute Colportage Assn (1874) ASIN: B0008678KG


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