Hans Frei

Hans Frei (1922 - September 12, 1988) was an American postliberal theologian who taught at Yale University. He is well known for his works in hermeneutics, especially in his book The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative (1974). In the 1980's Frei became associated with post-liberalism.


"I am persuaded that historical inquiry is a useful and necessary procedure but that theological reading is the reading of a text, and not the reading of a source, which is how historians read it. Historical inquiry, while telling us many useful things, does not tell us how we are to understand the text as texts." ^ [1]^

Selected publications

  • The Identity of Jesus Christ. Wipf & Stock Pub., 1997.
  • Types of Christian Theology. Yale Univ. Press, 1994.
  • The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative. Yale Univ. Press, 1980.


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