George Grant

George Grant (b. 1954) is an ordained PCA minister and pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church. He is also the director of King's Meadow Study Center, an instructor at Franklin Classical School, and coordinator of the Gileskirk Curriculum Project. He has published several books, including Kids who Kill: Confronting Our Culture of Violence (Broadman & Holman, 1998) with the well-known GOP party figure Mike Huckabee.

Grant has degrees in Political Science from the University of Houston (B.A.), Philosophy from Whitefield Theological Seminary (M.A., D.Litt., Ph.D.), Humanities from Belhaven College (D.Hum.), and Theology from Knox Theological Seminary (D.Min. Candidate).^ [1]^



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Selected publications

  • Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt. Cumberland House Publishing, 1996. ISBN 1888952202.
  • The American Patriot's Handbook: The Writings, History, and Spirit of a Free Nation. Cumberland House Publishing, 2009. ISBN 1581826818.