Foundations of Evangelical Theology book series

Copyright 1997, by Bruce Demarest. Published by Crossway Books, 1997 & 2006 The Foundations of Evangelical Theology is a book series published by Crossway Books that is edited by John S. Feinberg. The series provides books within the area of systematic theology. According to Feinberg,

Systematic theology as done from an evangelical Christian perspective involves study of the person, works, and relationships of God. As evangelicals committed to the full inspiration, inerrancy, and final authority of Scripture, we demand that whatever appears in a systematic theology correspond to the way things are and must not contradict any claim taught in Scripture. Holy Writ is the touchstone of our theology, but we do not limit the source material for systematics to Scripture alone. Hence, whatever information from history, science, philosophy, and the like is relevant to our understanding of God and his relation to our world is fair game for systematics. Depending on the specific interests and expertise of the contributors to this series, their respective volumes will reflect interaction with one or more of these disciplines. ^[1]^

Furthermore, the series intention "is to address all areas of evangelical theology with a special emphasis on key issues in each area," and "though all contributors to the series are thoroughly evangelical in their theology... the series as a whole is not meant to be slanted in the direction of one form of evangelical theology. Nonetheless, most of the writers come from a Reformed perspective. Alternate evangelical and non-evangelical options, however, are discussed."


The intent for this series is that the systematic analysis of theology will not simply provide understanding but application to life, thus, each contributor explains how each doctrine applies to everyday living.


This series seeks to be scholarly yet understandable to a beginning student or academic theologian. Care is taken to define terms and technical ideas are explained.


Forthcoming volumes

  • Scripture
  • Man and Angels
  • Christ
  • Sin
  • The Church
  • Eschatology


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