Every Nation Church

During 2003 former and current members of Morningstar International Church (MSI), His People (HP) and Maranatha Campus Ministries (MCM) began to increasingly discuss their concerns about the organisation known as Morningstar International Inc. group of churches and ministries. The Internet proved to be an ideal platform to network, compare notes and to encourage others and come forward and share their experiences and insights.

MSI became Every Nation Churches and Ministries in 2004 (EN). Previously, former members and visitors comments had been ad hoc and mainly been limited to email exchanges with other members, MSI leaders and including former members of Maranatha Campus Ministries (MCM), which disbanded in 1990. [1]

These concerns included:

\1. Entrenched authoritarianism and a wandering away from Biblical standards of ministry

\2. Financial Mismanagement

\3. The dismissal of various senior leaders from the organisation.

\4. Doctrine

\5. Historical problems and issues as recognised in MCM.

There are a variety of opinions amongst critics regarding the future of EN:

\1. EN should be disbanded as with MCM

\2. Members should be encouraged to leave ASAP

\3. Information needs to be disseminated and people should make up their own minds

Critical debate regarding EN has up to now been stifled or controlled by EN leadership whenever raised internally. Many members have raised their suspicions regarding communication etc. in light of recent developments, trends and purported reforms etc.