Evelyn Stagg

Evelyn Stagg, née Evelyn Owen (born 1914), is an authority on classical studies, which led to her extensive research on the cultural/historical status and treatment of women in the ancient world, and in the world into which Jesus was born.

She is co-author of the book _Woman in the World of Jesus),_^[1]^ which purports to explain woman's role in the church today by explaining:

  • the status of woman in the world Jesus entered
  • the position of Jesus with respect to women
  • the status of woman in the church as reflected in the New Testament.

Married to eminent Baptist theologian Dr. Frank Stagg, she is a native of Louisiana. Their three adult children are Ted, Bob, and Ginger. As a young woman, Evelyn wanted to pursue a seminary degree. However, in her denomination women could not attend seminary and could not hold the title of minister and be ordained. When husband Frank was in the seminary in the 1930s, Evelyn was permitted to sit in some theology courses and take the exams, but not receive credit. Sarah Frances Anders wrote that the course report would list the men by name and add that "one unnamed woman" made one of the few A's.^ [2]^


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