Contours of Christian Theology book series

The Contours of Christian Theology is a book series published with InterVarsity Press and is edited by Gerald Bray. The series is designed to treat to main themes of Christian doctrine in a way that "compliments the traditional textbooks but does not copy them." Each volume focuses on contemporary issues, and the goal is "to rework the orthodox evangelical position in a fresh and compelling way." ^[1]^ Technical vocabulary has been defined for the non-specialist reader, and the presentation "has avoided the extremes of academic style."


This series is intended for theological students at all levels, whether a Bible college, seminary, or secular college. The intent is to also make it applicable to ministers and educated lay-people.


  • Gerald Bray, The Doctrine of God, 1993.
  • Robert Letham, The Work of Christ, 1993.
  • Paul Helm, The Providence of God, 1994.
  • Edmund P. Clowney, The Church, 1995.
  • Charles Sherlock, The Doctrine of Humanity, 1997.
  • Sinclair B. Ferguson, The Holy Spirit, 1997.
  • Donald MacLeod, The Person of Christ, 1998.
  • Peter Jensen, The Revelation of God, 2002. (includes a discussion of scripture)


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