Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) was founded in 1968. Its purpose is to influence biblical counseling and "teach people how to explore the wisdom and depth of the Bible and apply its grace-centered message to the problems of daily living." Simply put, their mission is to: "Restore Christ to Counseling and Counseling to the Church."

  • Restore Christ to Counseling - personal change is centered in the person of Christ. This leads to constantly revisit the question, “How do the riches of the Gospel impact lives and efforts to help others?” Everything flows from a desire to equip Christians to live and love in a Christ-centered way.

  • Restore Counseling to the Church - the church of Christ is God’s chosen context for change - it is the community God uses to transform his people. CCEF’s mission is to equip the church to be this kind of transforming community. They see themselves as an extension of the local church, and want to serve and promote its ministry.

CCEF's strategy involves a unique synergy of publishing, counseling, equipping, and academic training - tied with the passion to equip God’s people to experience Christ amid the challenges of life.