Archibald Thomas Robertson

Archibald Thomas Robertson (1863 - 1934) was an American Baptist theologian, born near Chatham, Virginia and grew up on a farm in North Carolina. He was educated at Wake Forest University (M.A., 1885) and at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, (Th. M., 1888). In 1892 Robertson was appointed professor at Southern Baptist and remained in that post until a day in 1934 when he dismissed his class early and went home and died of a stroke.^[1]^

Robertson is probably best known for his six volume Word Pictures of the New Testament, a work for both the reader who knew Greek and the reader who did not. Robertson's 1500+ page magnum opus, Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research has more than stood the test of time. Although dated in some places, it is still a valuable resource and must for any serious student of NT Greek.

Selected writings

  • Syllabus for New Testament Greek Syntax (1900)
  • Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus (1901)
  • Bibliography of New Testament Greek (1903)
  • Teaching of Jesus Concerning God the Father (1904)
  • Short Grammar of the Greek New Testament (1908; Italian translation, 1910; German translation, 1911; French translation, 1911; Dutch translation, 1912)
  • Epochs in the Life of Paul (1909; new edition, 1914)
  • John the Loyal, or Studies in the Ministry of the Baptist (1911; new edition, 1915)
  • The Glory of the Ministry (1911)
  • A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research (1914)
  • Practical and Social Aspects of Christianity (1915)
  • Studies in the New Testament (1915)
  • Luke the historian in the light of historical research (1920)
  • The Pharisees and Jesus (1920)
  • The Minister and His Greek New Testament (1923)
  • An introduction to the textual criticism of the New Testament (1925)
  • Some minor characters in the New Testament (1928)
  • A Harmony of the Gospels (1932)
  • Passing on the torch: and other sermons (1934)


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