G Ernest Wright

George Ernest Wright (1909-1974) was both an archaeologist and Old Testament scholar. As an archaeologist he was known for his work in the study and dating of pottery. He rose to prominence with his publication of The Pottery of Palestine from Earliest Times to the End of the Early Bronze Age (1937). As a biblical theologian, his work God Who Acts: Biblical Theology as Recital (1952) was the focus of much scholarly attention. His 1969 book The Old Testament and Theology criticized the direction taken by biblical theology in the interim seventeen years.^[1]^

"He studied with William Foxwell Albright at Johns Hopkins University, where he received his M.A. (1936) and PhD. (1937). He taught Old Testament History and Theology at McCormick Seminary from 1939-1958. He joined the faculty of Harvard Divinity School in 1958, where he was Parkman Professor and the Curator of the Semitic Museum (the latter beginning in 1961) until his death in 1974."^ [2]^


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